RCA Step One

Step One requires the admission of our inability to stop living in the extremes in our relationship. With no balance, we are like a light switch- either on or off. In Healthy Relationships, the partners trust that they will be loved despite their human frailties. For Step One Worksheets From Recovering Couples Anonymous click HERE … More RCA Step One

RCA Step Two

Step Two involves coming to some mutual Understanding of what we trust as a couple, and what we believe. This is the beginning of a spiritual quest.   RCA Step Workbooks: “Open Hearts: Renewing Relationships with Recovery, Romance, and Reality.”    By Patrick Carnes and Mark & Debra Laaser In addition to the word ‘restore’ … More RCA Step Two

RCA Step Three

Together two people in a committed relationship form a coupleship, a oneness, a distinct and separate entity. This coupleship has a life of its own and needs to be nurtured. Couple recovery depends on this nurturance. In this Step we understand that by turning our lives over to the care of God we will be … More RCA Step Three