#46 Letting Go of Control

#46 Letting go of control

One member of our RCA meeting shared with us her newly acquired understanding about an inner circle of influence and an outer circle of letting go. She shared how she is learning to identify when she has some level of influence and to accept that it is just influence, not an expectation for the outcome to go “her way”. She is also working on letting go of control of everything that is not within her circle of influence.


Another member shared his realization that he has always thought of himself as a person who was not controlling, until he got into recovery. Since starting the recovery journey he has learned that his ideal of sharing his knowledge and the way to accomplish things based upon that knowledge is still controlling. He also has felt that underneath the desire to control is the desire to help and protect those we love.


In the book by M. Scott Peck titled ‘The Road Less Traveled’ we learn that “Accepting hardships is a pathway to peace.” I have resolved to dare to trust my Higher Power by accepting the things I cannot change and working hard to show with my actions that I am changing the things I can, day by day, as I let go of control and give it to God.