RCA Step Two

Step Two

Step Two involves coming to some mutual Understanding of what we trust as a couple, and what we believe. This is the beginning of a spiritual quest.



RCA Step Workbooks:

“Open Hearts: Renewing Relationships with Recovery, Romance, and Reality.”    By Patrick Carnes and Mark & Debra Laaser

In addition to the word ‘restore’ there is also the word ‘us’ (not me). Implied here is that the restoration process is going to involve not just me, but both of us together.  It is here we can see the relationship as an entity that begins to have a life of it’s own.

“Step Up to Love: A Twelve-Step Guide for Couple Recovery.” By Recovering Couples Anonymous

This step speaks of commitment & intimacy. In a trusting, safe, committed relationship we have the arena for genuine intimacy. Some have said the word intimacy can be broken down poetically to “into-me-see.” That is really what intimacy is all about. It is letting another person experience us at a very deep, defenseless, vulnerable level. We wouldn’t be feeling so powerless and unmanageable if we knew what to do. So now we must come to believe that some other power greater than the two of us will bring us these gifts.